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Quote1 I'm the thing barely seen in the shadows. The dark one just out of the corner of your eye. I'm the creature lurking under your child's bed and hiding in his closet. Even when they had me boxed up and tucked safely away, my shadow touched every world, every man's soul. Quote2
-- The Dark Man

Appearing in "Boxing Days"

Featured Characters:

  • Dunster Happ

Supporting Characters:

  • Jubilee Mirant
  • Brother Terogue
  • Gather Burrant
  • Baba Yaga


  • The Dark Man

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Boxing Days"

On a world controlled by the Emperor, mage Dunster Happ is recruited by Jubilee Mirant, a captain in the Emperor's sorcery corps. Tapped as a masterful sorcerer, Happ is admitted to the Boxer's League, a secret cadre of sorcerers who perform the Emperor's bidding. After years of training, Happ performs the initiation rite, becoming a full fledged member of the Boxers. He is then sent to the front lines of the war, where he becomes an executive officer and takes part in the containment of the witch Baba Yaga. Happ leads the attack on The Dark Man, a.k.a. Darkness and they contain him. But, now that the Emperor has been defeated, The Dark Man has inadvertently been released and he is angry.


This issue contains a sneak peek at the John Constantine original graphic novel, Dark Entries, written by Ian Rankin.


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