"Warlord of the Flies": In the cave, Goldilocks wants to off Snow now, but Rose insists she be kept alive to stand trial. Dun suggests they chain Snow next to Weyland and force her to help with the weapons conversion in the m

Quote1 The Revolution was inevitable, Snow. And, for once, I plan to be on the right side of things. Quote2
-- Rose Red

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Synopsis for "Warlord of the Flies"

In the cave, Goldilocks wants to off Snow now, but Rose insists she be kept alive to stand trial. Dun suggests they chain Snow next to Weyland and force her to help with the weapons conversion in the meantime. The chain is locked around Snow's ankle, the other end attached to a stake driven into the ground by the force of Weyland's hammer.

Hours later, over in the city, Boy Blue drives down the highway with his rounded up posse consisting of Bluebeard, Prince Charming, and Bufkin the flying monkey. They were on their way to the Farm to help Snow White and Rose Red, though they didn't know what to expect.

Asking him what happened, Snow learns that Weyland was captured while he slept, and woke up in the cave a few days ago. An enchantment placed on the chain around his leg compelled him to make weapons for the animals, while also preventing him from trying to escape. Weyland slyly showed Snow a key he was working on, adding that the enchantment didn't prevent him from helping her get free, fitting the key in Snow's lock. Now free, Snow asks Weyland how to get him loose. He recites that he can not by word or deed help her set him free. So she starts rummaging around his tools to find something that can break the lock. Reynard the Fox meets with the other animals who are against the revolution, explaining that he last saw Snow being chased by Shere Khan, and couldn't say if she had made it or not. They decide to send him off to find her. If she is still alive, they'll hold out, if not, they'll flee. On the revolutionary side, the animals are going door-to-door, calling all out for a mandatory council meeting.

When Reynard finally reaches the cave, he finds Snow trying to chisel at the lock, not helped by Weyland nervously flinching the whole time. Reynard asks her if she's tried using the key lying on the ground. Glad to see he's okay, Snow says that the key was for her lock, not Weyland's. Reynard comments that the locks look the same to him, and Snow suddenly realizes; Weyland had found a loophole to his enchantment. Creating the very key to his chain under pretense of helping her escape. She turns the key in the lock, opening his shackle. The enchantment broken, Weyland got very annoyed that she was seemingly going to use every tool in the cave on him. Snow allowed him one rude comment due to being locked up so long. She has an idea. First Snow asks Reynard to hurry back down and tell any animals still loyal to her to avoid the council meeting for their own safety. Then she asks Weyland how they'd go about waking the sleepers in the valley...

Later that same day, Goldilocks, Dun, and Rose hold a rally in the village center. Snow appears waving a white flag. Goldilocks takes aim, but Rose yells for her to hold her fire. Snow walks into the center of the rally and, despite guns pointed at her from all directions, tells them to drop their weapons. They scoff at that. She reminds them that she runs Fabletown and is never outgunned. A plume of fire sprays over the barn, reducing it to ash and rubble. The dragon, Clarathea, woken from her slumber, flies above the crowd. Snow makes a signal, and the three formerly sleeping giants now tower over the village square. Snow again orders all to drop their weapons and end their revolution. Surrounded by three hulking giants, and watched by a fire-spewing beast from above, the animals all comply.

Boy Blue and the others drive up just as Snow White, Weyland, and all the loyal animals have those involved with the revolution in shackles, including Rose Red. Snow, appreciating their too-late rescue, lets them help round up any stragglers, putting Goldilocks as the top priority. She had gotten away during the confusion.

Out of sight of the others, Goldilocks targets Snow with her rifle. She pulls the trigger, the bullet piercing Snow White through the temple. Rose Red watches in horror as Snow White falls to the ground, dead.


  • This book was first published on January 8, 2003.
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