Appearances can often be deceiving. Such was the case with the mysterious man known only as Falco. Falco was once a normal peregrine falcon until scientist Anton Arcane manipulated his genetic code, giving him humanoid features. For all intents and purposes, Falco was a human but for his right arm, which was an over-sized, mutated, taloned wing. Falco despised Arcane for this and swore to avenge himself against him. He learned how to speak and act like a normal human, but he also developed a human's emotional capacity for hatred. Arming himself with a rifle, Falco appeared at the funeral of Savanna Langford and tried to snipe Arcane who was in attendance. The shot missed, and Falco ran off into the woods. He hid his rifle inside the hollowed out trunk of a fallen tree.

The failed attack against Arcane earned the attention of the Swamp Thing. The Swamp Thing found Falco's rifle in the tree trunk and used his powers to fuse the gun stock with the surrounding wood of the trunk. Falco returned to reclaim his weapon and encountered the Swamp Thing. Revealing his "disfigurement", he told the Swamp Thing his origin and his insatiable need to kill Arcane. The Swamp Thing tried to appeal to Falco's humanity (such as it was), citing that taking revenge against Arcane would make him no better than a common murderer. Falco would not be dissuaded however and took off into the Swamp.

A short time later, both Falco and Swamp Thing noticed nine-year-old Jim Kipp drowning in the middle of a lake. Both of them raced to save him, but Falco got there first. Falco waded into the lake, pulled Jim to the surface and dragged him back to shore whereupon he performed CPR. The experience of saving a boy's life filled Falco with great satisfaction and he realized that the Swamp Thing was right. He decided to forego his vendetta against Arcane and went back out into the swamps to eke out a new life for himself.

  • Falco was portrayed by Peter Mark Richman.
  • Although Falco is one of Arcane's Un-Men, this specific character is unique to the 1990 Swamp Thing television series.
  • How Falco learned English and how to handle a rifle has never been explained.



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