The nuclear-based post-human known as Fallout was a latest member of the post-human team, the Sons Liberty, during the Korean War. Up until their deal with Henry Bendix, all members of this team were age ninety and beyond, and stationed in various retirement homes across the US. Fallout, however, was instead interred in an underground nuclear facility as his powers were becoming unstable at his primed age.

Rejuvenated, Fallout rejoined the Sons of Liberty and started America's rebellion against the Authority's rule. Despite his regained youth, Fallout still leaked radiation and must had his excessive radiation siphoned per day by Bendix's science team. Ultimately, the Sons of Liberty fought against the Authority in Washington, D.C. until being de-aged by Bendix. Without his youth, Fallout began to become unstable and eventually exploded into a nuclear explosion caused by his teammate Dyno-Mite, leveling Washington, D.C.



At his elderly age, Fallout's power is unstable and had to be contain in a underground nuclear facility.