A citizen of Kandor, Faora was a soldier in Zod's army. She had a blood sample taken by a medic and stored in the Orb as part of an experiment by the Ruling Council to preserve the Kryptonian race should Rao's prophecy ever come true.

When Tess Mercer opened the Orb, Faora and others were transported to Earth through unknown means. As they questioned Major Zod about their depowered states, the soldiers rebelled against Zod and took him hostage until they realized what they were to do. However, Zod managed to win back their trust and allegiance. Weeks later, Faora was with Basqat and Alia when Zod spoke to capture Jor-El, stealing Jor-El from Tess' cellar while Zod was flirting with Tess in order to distract her, and then releasing him after Zod was done beating him.

Faora was also present when Zod was issuing orders to his troops to ensure that the solar tower will be built. Faora was due to be given orders, but Clark Kent interrupted the proceedings before Faora and the rest of the soldiers were ordered by Zod to "Kneel before Kal-El." After Zod was warned by Clark to stay away from Lois Lane, Faora and Zod discussed their search for the Book of Rao in order to start the operation of the solar tower to give them their powers.

As Faora read a newspaper at a Metropolis newstand, Clark appeared to remind her not to show her Kryptonian dog tags. Faora continued to mourn the loss of the solar tower following its destruction by Clark. Clark walked with her to see her sister Vala, and the bookstore Vala worked at. Faora told her sister to close the shop to get some cappuccinos. Unbeknownst to Faora, Vala was abducted by Dr. Bernard Chisholm. Faora and Clark teamed up to find Chisholm and Vala. Later, Clark arrived in the middle of a Kryptonian ceremony where Faora told him they were waiting for Zod's return so they could ask for his forgiveness. Clark took her to the barn and showed her Dr. Virgil Swann's diary, revealing that the original Zod had destroyed Krypton. Faora was devastated, and Clark used his powers to find out she was pregnant with Zod's child. Faora then told Clark that Zod was after the Book of Rao.

Faora went back to her fellow Kandorians and tried to convince them to live a life of peace on Earth when Checkmate agent attacked them. Amanda Waller took Faora away from the Kandorians, and Faora offered to work with Checkmate when Zod attacked Waller and took Faora away before Clark could stop them. Zod was angry with Faora's betrayal and, when she refused to bow, he strangled her to death, but afterwards realized she was pregnant with their baby. Grieved by what he had done, Zod listened to his child's last heartbeats in Faora's womb. The truth about Faora's death was later exposed by Clark to the other Kandorians, after they heard Zod being tricked by Clark into admitting that he didn't really want to kill his own child. On hearing this, the other Kandorians were angered and ready to punish the General, on their new world, for what he had done.

Alternate Future

In the future, Faora gained her Kryptonian abilities and served Zod, wearing the Mark of Zod on her chest. She helped Zod evade the Resistance attack at the Luthor Mansion.



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