Quote1 In the end, what made me turn was remembering the light in Old Man Knight's eyes. The costume. The heritage. Like it was all still new and meaningful. In the system, nothing mean anything, because everything was possible. So I sold my soul to Solaris because I couldn't think of anything better to do; that's the honest truth. I couldn't buy it back, I knew that. But I could look good trying. Quote2
-- Starman (Farris Knight) src

Farris Knight hails from the 853rd Century and is a distant descendant of Jack Knight's and the Mist's son. Farris commands an alien artifact called a Quarvat, similar in function to the Cosmic Rod. He lives on a space station (in the orbit of Uranus) from which he monitors the artificial sun Solaris.

He asserts that being the descendant of the Mist as much as the Knights he was predisposed to villainy and Solaris eventually corrupts Farris who arranges for the defeat of the two JLAs and travels back in time to kill the originator of his hated responsibility, Ted Knight. Meeting Ted however changes his mind and Farris ultimately sacrifices himself to save the modern day Earth from Solaris' machinations.




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This character was created during DC One Million, and is a part of its possible future in the 853rd Century. DC One Million was a massive company-wide crossover event published in 1998.
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