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Fauna Faust (using the codename Fauna) first appeared as a member of the new Strike Force Kobra, set on destroying the Outsiders. Strike Force Kobra member Spectra kidnapped Halo from the Outsiders headquarters. As a result, the Outsiders went to Hawaii to rescue their teammate but were defeated by Strike Force Kobra. Fauna, using her ability to control animals, was able to take control of the Outsider Wylde whose animal side was susceptible to her powers.

Finding nothing to gain by keeping the unconscious Outsiders, Lady Eve ordered Fauna to use Wylde to kill the Outsiders. Wylde, however, was able to take control of himself and the effort caused a painful feedback on Fauna which inadvertently roused the Outsider Faust to consciousness. In turn, Faust was able to magically rouse the other Outsiders, who in turn were able to defeat Strike Force Kobra. Fauna was able to escape with the help of her father Felix Faust. Felix Faust had intended to use Fauna as a surprise weapon but because of the encounter with the Outsiders, he could not use her as such anymore. Felix Faust, disappointed, apparently killed Fauna.


  • Fauna Faust is an enemy of the Outsiders



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