When Clark Kent frees a little girl who was bound and gagged in the orphanage he hears the sound of metal clashing. The little girl in reference, says that's what Granny will turn her into. He hides her and goes to investigate and finds several women fighting. As he approaches them, Clark starts to weaken and realizes they're forging kryptonite weapons. The women quickly subdue him and one of them, Harriet, tells him that no one there needs saving except Clark. The orphan girls chain Clark up, and he offers to rescue them. Harriet insists that no one loves them like Granny, and that she'll never leave them. Suddenly Granny arrives and sends them to their rooms. When Tess Mercer tries to escape from the room she was locked in, she confronts Harriet. The two fight and Tess knocks her out, but another girl uses a whip to choke her unconscious. Clark arrives and saves Tess by hitting the other girl.


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  • Tess Mercer was trained to be a Female Furie by Granny Goodness too but she left the Orphanage too soon.

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