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A legendary creature from ancient times, and patriarch to Ragnarok of Norse mythology. Jackson King came across this cosmic commodity while selling the spirit of Adolf Hitler; who at the time was possessing a candidate for U.S. Presidency, into Psionic Slavery to three other-dimensional suit wearing outer gods. During Jackson's Revival and transformation into a pure thought being while fighting against Chimera and the higher power, King had unleashed this new weapon upon Chimera as the siege engine of The Monarchy razing the Parallel continuity to the very brink of existence. All in order to create something new altogether.



Able to grow Stronger the larger he gets

Strength level

"Majestic-class" possibly stronger due to increasing size


The Throne

  • Legend states that Fenris was bound to his prison via an unbreakable ribbon crafted by the gods, but during twilight he's said to outgrow his bonds and eventually consume Odin in battle along with the sun to start Ragnarok.
  • Fenris is the scion of loki the god of mischief and Angrboda the frost giant as well as being the youngest of three. The others being Hel, Goddess of the underworld in Norse myth and Jörmungandr the world serpent.


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