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Boyle was Victor Fries' employer and CEO at GothCorp cryogenics lab. When Ferris learnt that Victor was using the CC100 cryotube to freeze his wife Nora, knowing that it is costing him millions to run the project, he orders it shut down. Victor tries to fight them off but ends up in a coolant blast, transforming him into Mr Freeze.

A year later, executives at GothCorp are being frozen to death and Ferris discovers Freeze in the old cryo lab where Nora is being kept so that Ferris can use her to gain a profit. Batman shows up when Victor starts freezing Boyle and when Victor accidentally blasts Nora's capsule whilst firing his freezing ray at Batman, supposedly killing her (although she survived), he freezes Ferris Boyle to death in a fit of rage.



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