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Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge Vol 1 1


Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge Vol 1 1

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""Book One"": After escaping the prison planet from Salvation Run, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and Heat Wave return to their hideout in Keystone City, only to find the place has been invaded by a gang of youngsters led by the Trickster. After driving the squat

Quote1 When it all went down with "Kid" Flash and we were the most wanted, everyone said $%#@ the Rogues. So $%#@ Libra. $%#@ secret societies. We've been on the run for months with no help from any of 'em. And I hate running. Quote2
-- Captain Cold

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Synopsis for "Book One"

After escaping the prison planet from Salvation Run, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and Heat Wave return to their hideout in Keystone City, only to find the place has been invaded by a gang of youngsters led by the Trickster. After driving the squatters out, Captain Cold declares that after their violation of the number one rule ("Never kill a speedster"), the Rogues are finished and disbanded.

Meanwhile, in the Keystone Police District, detectives Chyre, Morillo and Ashley Zolomon are investigating Bart Allen's murder. As they discuss the Rogues, their are attacked by the Pied Piper, who steals the last will and testament of James Jesse. He is later seen in the ruined Rathaway mansion, studying the will, which consigns information on the Rogues, written in invisible ink.

In her house, Iris Allen is tearfully remembering her husband, when a disembodied voice calls out her name, and lightning strikes outside the window.

In his Keystone headquarters, Libra delivers a speech about the Religion of Crime to his Secret Society, when he is interrupted by Doctor Light, who has received a message from the Rogues. Captain Cold says "no" to the Society's offer, and Libra ominously reacts : "There's always a troublemaker in the bunch."

In the Flash Museum, warden Wolfe and two guards are about to transfer the still paralyzed Inertia to Iron Heights. Suddenly, a red lightning bolt strikes the villainous speedster and frees him : again able to move, Inertia quickly kills the guards and runs to the home of Wally West, where he aims to kill the Flash's children. He is stopped by the very person who freed him : Zoom, who wants him to become the new Kid Flash.

When they learn of Inertia's escape, the Rogues decide to break their number one rule one last time before retirement, and to kill Inertia in revenge.


  • This book was first published on July 16, 2008.
  • The solicitation for this issue reads "The critically-acclaimed FLASH team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Scott Kolins reunites for a tale of villainy and twisted justice tying in to FINAL CRISIS! Captain Cold and the Rogues were accessories to the murder of Bart Allen. They've become what they never set out to be – wanted! Wanted by the good guys, by former Rogue Pied Piper, and by the Secret Society of Super-Villains. But just as they try to disappear underground, good, old-fashioned revenge yanks them back. And where is the Flash during all of this? It's a Crisis — take a guess."


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