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Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge Vol 1 2


Final Crisis: Rogues' Revenge Vol 1 2

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""Book Two"": As Libra converts more and more villains to his cause, the Rogues begin their quest by visiting their tailor, Paul Gambi, who has been attacked. A mirror similar to Mirror Master's is found and they receive a challenge from the "new Rogues," who ar

Quote1 See, you guys are old news. You're out of touch. But you can be useful. To somebody. Libra wants you to report to the club for sermon and assignment. You're a symbol to the disbelievers ... Look, I'll make this easy, Captain. We found your father. We found him and we have him, and if you and the Rogues don't go to Libra with your hats in your hands... your father's $#%@ing dead. Quote2
-- Chill

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Synopsis for "Book Two"

As Libra converts more and more villains to his cause, the Rogues begin their quest by visiting their tailor, Paul Gambi, who has been attacked. A mirror similar to Mirror Master's is found and they receive a challenge from the "new Rogues," who are counterparts of the current ones (including the absent Abra Kadabra), to surrender to Libra or Captain Cold's father will be killed. Captain Cold accepts the challenge and threatens to kill his father himself. Mirror Master is able to trace the transmission. Each Rogue fights and kills his respective counterpart with Weather Wizard also killing Abra Kadabra's counterpart. Captain Cold confronts his father about his childhood abuse, but can't bring himself to kill him. Instead, Captain Cold has Heatwave incinerate him and the bodies of the dead new Rogues.

Zoom continues to try to get Inertia to assume the Kid Flash identity. Inertia's speed is no longer powered by the Speed Force, but by Zoom and the timestream.

Libra decides to target another Rogue, Weather Wizard, with his abdcuted baby son. Libra seeks to have the Rogues on his side to stop any interference from the Flashes as their aid has been imperative in the previous Crises.


  • The solicitation for this issue reads "Life was easier when the Rogues had Barry Allen for a foe – or at least it was a bit more fun. Now, hunted by Libra and the Secret Society for refusing to worship the impending evil that is prophesized to claim Earth, Cold and his crew find themselves attacked on several fronts . . . and that doesn't sit well with the Rogues. Plus, a bizarre twist for Inertia!"
  • This issue shipped on August 27, 2008


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