"The Battle Joined": The Invasion! comes to Earth and Firestorm is called in to assist in the crisis. A mysterious government agent apparently aware of Raymond's secret identity calls him up and tells him to rendezvous in the [[Pacific Ocean|South Pac

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The Invasion! comes to Earth and Firestorm is called in to assist in the crisis. A mysterious government agent apparently aware of Raymond's secret identity calls him up and tells him to rendezvous in the South Pacific. They will be fighting operatives of the Alien Alliance, the battleships of the Khunds streaming from Australia.

Ronnie Raymond, at home in New York City, is visibly upset about recent events in his career and the limitations of his powers when it comes to dealing with legitimate social issues.[1] He is told on the phone to transform into the Firestorm entity and bring Firehawk into the South pacific with him. Mikhail Arkadin is finally going back to his job as a teacher when he receives the call in the middle of a lecture. Power Girl adds her powers to the team when she learns of the invasion. They also team up with Starman who is coming from another conflict, and has stolen a warship.[2] This assembled team works well, but Firestorm suffers anxiety... since developing amnesia, Stein has become very socially awkward.

Meanwhile the military fights against the aliens on their own terms. Many units have been dispatched to the area and completely wiped out by the advanced technology. The only soldiers left standing amidst the fire-bombing are the toughest bunch around. Easy Company. Khund commanders are pleased at the destruction, and allow their troops to leave the ship and finish the massacre with honor. It is also revealed that they have taken Adam Strange captive and are torturing him. As infantry starts beaming down to the surface, the battleground is suddenly level, and Easy strikes back at the murderers. The heroes arrive in their stolen ship, and refusing to identify themselves to the rest of the fleet, are blasted out of the sky. Their craft is obliterated, and they are all seemingly killed.


Starman Vol 1 5

Starman #5

  • This issue is an Invasion! First Strike extra, and a tie-in to the larger story told in the Invasion! miniseries. These crossovers take place in between Invasion! #1 and Invasion! #2, largely dealing with the Alien Alliance's assault on Earth and the way heroes around the world were participating in the initial war effort.
  • This story is concurrent with Starman #5, which explains where Starman was prior to this issue, and then continues to show the conclusion of the battle this issue was preparing for. The crossover makes more sense if you read this issue first.


  • Other attacks across the world are shown on a television screen.
  • Adam Strange appeared last in Invasion! #1. He will appear next in Starman #5 before rejoining the main story in Invasion! #2.
  • Easy Company makes a rare modern appearance in this issue, and references are made to their history. Their leader is referred to as being tough as a rock. Someone asks why they insist on using nicknames for all of their soldiers... the actual reason is that in wartime, men would be required to do horrific things they could not possibly reconcile with their civilian identities. It allows them to disassociate with the atrocities of battle.[5]
  • Karen Starr reminds her fellow board members not to accept any calls from Harlan Brooks.
  • Firehawk also references the recent fight against Brimstone.[6]

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