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This article is about the 1990 Flash television series. For the 2014 series of the same name, see The Flash (2014 TV Series)

Flash (1990 TV Series)
This page contains a list of all episodes in the television series.
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The Flash was a TV series that aired on CBS for one year from 1990 to 1991. It starred John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen, who worked in the police crime lab of Central City and who, through a mixture of chemicals splashed on his electrified body by a lightning strike that sent him flying backwards into a cabinet of glass containers those chemicals, which shattered when his lightning-electrified body struck them, was transformed into "The Scarlet Speedster." Amanda Pays acted out the scientist Dr. Christina McGee, with whom he struck up a friendship as she helped him deal with his new-found super-speed abilities. Some of the Rogues Gallery villains--specifically, Captain Cold, the Mirror Master, and the Trickster--appeared in certain episodes. The series had trouble trying to find a suitable time slot on CBS's prime-time scheduling and was ultimately cancelled.


Season 1

Title Airdate
"Pilot" September 20, 1990
"Out of Control" September 27, 1990
"Watching the Detectives" October 18, 1990
"Honor Among Thieves" October 25, 1990
"Double Vision" November 1, 1990
"Sins of the Father" November 8, 1990
"Child's Play" November 15, 1990
"Shroud of Death" November 29, 1990
"Ghost in the Machine" December 13, 1990
"Sight Unseen" January 10, 1991
"Beat the Clock" January 31, 1991
"The Trickster" February 7, 1991
"Tina, Is That You?" February 14, 1991
"Be My Baby" February 21, 1991
"Fast Forward" February 28, 1991
"The Deadly Nightshade" March 28, 1991
"Captain Cold" April 6, 1991
"Twin Streaks" April 13, 1991
"Done with Mirrors" April 27, 1991
"Good Night, Central City" May 4, 1991
"Alpha" May 11, 1991
"Trial of the Trickster" May 18, 1991


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