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Flash Comics #1

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Reverse-Flash: The Reverse-Flashes are the speedster arch-nemesis of each Flash.

  • Rival: The original Reverse Flash and nemesis of Jay Garrick.
  • Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash/Zoom: The second and most iconic Reverse Flash, Eobard is a man from the future who despises Barry Allen and seeks to make his life miserable.
  • Zoom: The third Reverse-Flash and Eobard's successor, he despises Wally for not going back in time to save his wife and seeks to make him suffer. Unlike the other Reverse-Flashes, he isn't a speedster. But rather, manipulates time to look like a speedster.
  • Inertia:
  • Reverse-Flash:
  • Godspeed: Barry's former detective partner. He stole the speed of several speedsters.

Golden Age:

Silver Age

Bronze Age:

Post-Crisis: Baron & Messner-Loebs:

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Blue Trinity:

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Post-Crisis: Waid/Augustyn & Millar/Morrison

Team Turmoil:

Rogues:The group of villains the Flash usually has to fight with.

One Year Later:



  • Fast Track: A former ally and member of Black Hole.
  • Papercut: A villain that can manipulate paper and by extention wood.
  • Riddler: Riddler held Central City hostage with drones and nearly publicly executed Barry.
  • Bloodwork: A member of the CCPD, he took advantage of his position to conduct his mad experiments and turned himself into the villain Bloodwork.
  • the Red Death: A version of Bruce Wayne who forceably merged him and Barry together and poisoned Prime Earth Central City with a Speed Force Strom.

Minor Villains

Minor villains have not yet been added.

Villain Activity

Since the Flash's career spans over many centuries, the Flash has made foes over various timelines.

Secret Identity

Since they are from the future, Professor Zoom and Abra Kadabra are fully aware of the secret identities of every single Flash and know where to hurt them the most.

The Riddler was able to figure out the Flash's identity, but thanks to Wally West, thinks Barry was covering for the real Flash.

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Weapons: Cold Gun, Heat Gun, Mirror Gun


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