"Emergency Stop Part Two: Threads": Wally West recruits Jay Garrick, Max Mercury and Impulse to battle the Suit because his broken legs put him out of

Quote1 I can't stand this ... I can't stand just sitting around like this! It feels like I'm nailed to this chair! I should be moving! Have you any idea what it's like when you can't move? Quote2
-- Wally West

Appearing in "Emergency Stop Part Two: Threads"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The Suit
  • Seasnake (Single appearance)
  • Wavey, the Dial-A-Delinquent (Single appearance)

Other Characters:


  • Keystone County Jail



Synopsis for "Emergency Stop Part Two: Threads"

Wally West recruits Jay Garrick, Max Mercury and Impulse to battle the Suit because his broken legs put him out of duty for at least a week. Wally did try to go fast with his wheelchair, but its materials simply cannot keep up when he is pushing the wheels at superspeed. Wally suggests to surprise the Suit by letting his fellow speedsters impersonate the Flash. And as soon as Linda Park gets a phone call by the police about the suit having taken over a highway patrol officer, the three speedsters start to execute Wally's plan.

As expected the Suit is shocked to see that the Flash is still alive and with the three speedsters quickly changing costumes and attacking him, all seems to go according to Wally's plan. But then the Suit succeeds in taking over Max Mercury's body, i.e. he is now able to use superspeed as well. Immediately the Suit takes off to the Keystone County jail intending to free the superhuman criminals to be able to feast on their powers as well. Bart becomes anxious because his mentor may not survive long while being controlled by the Suit.

Meanwhile, Wally desperately thinks about how to make himself useful. He vastly improved the varieties of use regarding his powers and now Wally tries to use Johnny Quick's speed formula to tap into the Speed Force and convert the energy into a gold armor which makes it possible for him to move despite his broken legs.

Flash arrives just in time at the Keystone County jail to stand by Jay Garrick's side as the freed inmates are storming towards them ...


  • This issue is reprinted in the trade paperback Flash: Emergency Stop.


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