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Flash Vol 2 142


Flash Vol 2 142

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"Get Me to the Church on Time": The wedding day of Wally West and Linda Park draws nearer. But its hard to concentrate on the preparations with Kobra and his Cult returning to Keystone City. At one time Flash comes close to catch the he

Quote1 Linda ... you're my beacon. No matter where I go, no matter what I do ... I can always find my way back home because you're there. That's my vow to you, Linda. My home, my life, all my love ... it will always rest with only you. Be mine, Linda. With you in my life ... I'm forever safe. Quote2
-- Wally West

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Synopsis for "Get Me to the Church on Time"

The wedding day of Wally West and Linda Park draws nearer. But its hard to concentrate on the preparations with Kobra and his Cult returning to Keystone City. At one time Flash comes close to catch the head of the snake, but Kobra teleports away just in time. But at least Flash finds out about a bomb being placed in the City Hall. Wally cannot stop its detonation, but using a cyclonic vortex he is able to contain most of the blast. More importantly, the marriage license of Linda and Wally "survives" the incident as well.

The wedding ceremony takes place at the Park family ancestral home - actually its a farm in Iowa. Wally is a little nervous when he learns from Linda that Bart Allen will serve as the ring-bearer. Then it gets even more uncomfortable when Wally's parents arrive - both with new partners at their side. Dick Grayson is there as Wally's best man and he immediately spots that Linda seems a little worried.

With every minute more guests show up such as members of the former Titans and of the current JLA. But Wally is especially happy when Iris Allen shows up. She knows the future and, thus, did know when and where to show up for the wedding. Then Wally goes to Linda and asks what she is worried about. She does not like the cold way he treats his familiy members and fears she will be treated the same way after their marriage. But Wally assures her that she is the first person to make him feel good both as Wally West and the Flash.

The ceremony starts and everything goes smoothly until Wally realizes he forgot to write down his wedding vows. Using his super speed he wants to write something down, but as he thinks of his past with Linda he comes up with the right words without the need to put them on paper. But as soon as Wally puts the ring on her finger, he wakes up alone in his house with no memories of the wedding or Linda. Linda, meanwhile, has been captured by a shadowy figure ...


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