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"Chain Lightning, Chapter One: The Gathering Storm": Flash has a plan to run through time, using Cobalt Blue's gem to hone in on his descendants and warn them of the upcoming threat. To help him out, Flash recruits his fellow speedsters

Quote1 The heat of his hatred for all things Flash would dwarf the sun ... and will pass down through all his descendants. Will you help me against him? Quote2
-- Flash (Wally West)

Appearing in "Chain Lightning, Chapter One: The Gathering Storm"

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Synopsis for "Chain Lightning, Chapter One: The Gathering Storm"

Flash has a plan to run through time, using Cobalt Blue's gem to hone in on his descendants and warn them of the upcoming threat. To help him out, Flash recruits his fellow speedsters, beginning with Jay Garrick. Flash helps him take down Team Turmoil, then tells Jay to meet him in the basement of Central City police headquarters in one hour.

Flash then heads to Pennsylvania to recruit Jesse Quick. He helps her defeat a supervirus that has infected the computer at Quickstart Enterprises and arranges for her to meet him in an hour with Jay. Next, Flash hooks up with Bart Allen and Max Mercury who are in the middle of foiling a bank robbery.

All the speedsters assemble in the basement of the Central City police headquarters where they find a vibrational cube that imprisons the villain Cobalt Blue, aka Malcolm Thawne, Barry Allen's twin brother. Flash tells the other speedsters they are going to travel to the future, find some of Flash's descendants and enlist their help to spread the word among future Flashes to be wary of the Cobalt Flame.

Using the Cosmic Treadmill, each of the speedsters sets off on their mission. Jesse Quick arrives in Central City, 2764 A.D., and teams up with Jace Allen against a female Cobalt Blue who killed Jace Allen's father. Quick is trying to come up with a plan when Cobalt Blue hits her with blue flame.


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  • Assuming the future Flashes are Impulse's progeny, this would mean that they are in fact fighting their own ancestors, as Bart is a direct descendant of the original Cobalt Blue through his mother.

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