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Flash Vol 2 148

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"Chain Lightning, Chapter Four: Undertow": Professor Zoom and Flash both speed toward the Cobalt Blue Gem in President Thawne's hand. Flash punches Zoom and

Quote1 Man. How come somebody's always horning in on my missions ... ? Quote2
-- Impulse

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Synopsis for "Chain Lightning, Chapter Four: Undertow"

Professor Zoom and Flash both speed toward the Cobalt Blue Gem in President Thawne's hand. Flash punches Zoom and then vibrates his hand at super speed to explode the gem. This all happens so quickly that no one sees it except Zoom and Flash. Flash then takes Zoom back to the 25th Century and tosses him into a stasis cell.

Back in the present, Malcolm Thawne lies on the ground, brain-dead of an aneurysm. The police question Angela Margolin, who says Jay Garrick attacked Thawne. The cops decide they have to bring Jay in to the station, even though he is a hero.

Throughout time, the various speedsters use the shards of the Cobalt Blue Gem to locate other Flashes. Each one delivers a warning to the different time periods about the Blue Flame, consequently tracking down and defeating Cobalt Blue in their respective time periods.

Impulse, XS and Kid Flash travel to the 30th Century to protect Barry Allen. Wally arrives there shortly after, only to find the three teenagers in a big fight. Wally realizes the shards of the gem are making them angry and violent. But before Wally can pry the shards away from them, he is attacked by Jay Garrick and dozens of other Flashes, all controlled by Malcolm Thawne. Thawne tells Wally that he possessed Jay a while ago, and used him to suggest the idea of distributing the gem shards. After taking a pounding, Wally is suddenly joined by his former mentor, Barry.


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