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in: Dick Giordano/Executive Editor, George Pérez/Cover Artist, William Messner-Loebs/Writer Greg LaRocque/Penciler, Larry Mahlstedt/Inker, Michele Wolfman/Colourist, Steve Haynie/Letterer, Barbara Kesel/Editor, Jerry McGee (New Earth)/Quotes, Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances, Jerry McGee (New Earth)/Appearances, Tina McGee (New Earth)/Appearances, Emmaline Brady (New Earth)/Appearances, Mason Trollbridge (New Earth)/Appearances, Pytor Orloff (New Earth)/Appearances, Conrad Bortz (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Gilchrist (New Earth)/Appearances, Nicholas Bassaglia (New Earth)/Appearances, Vandar Adg (New Earth)/Appearances, Gregor Gregorovich (New Earth)/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Comics, 1988, 1988, September, 1988, July (Publication), Flash Vol 2, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Flash Vol 2 16


Flash Vol 2 16

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"The Adventures of Speed McGee Part 1": Wally West, his mother Mary, and his girlfriend Tina McGee go to the hospital. Tina visits with her husband Jerry while Wally unsuccessfully

Quote1 I've got no money, thousands of dollars of damages against me, no wife and co-workers who remember me as an eight-foot-tall psychopath who tried to kill them. Quote2
-- Jerry McGee

Appearing in "The Adventures of Speed McGee Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Adventures of Speed McGee Part 1"

Wally West, his mother Mary, and his girlfriend Tina McGee go to the hospital. Tina visits with her husband Jerry while Wally unsuccessfully attempts to entertain some children. He is saved, however, by the magic tricks of Mason Trollbridge. Returning to his apartment, Wally finds an eviction notice in his mailbox.

Dr. Orloff and Dr. Bortz visit Jerry to discuss ways to return Wally's speed to him.

Wally calls Mister Gilchrist about his eviction notice, and is told that he missed his rent. After hanging up, Gilchrist finds Vandal Savage and Nick Bassaglia in his home.

Mary and Tina discuss marriage and the prospect of Tina leaving Wally to go back to Jerry. Wally, who had been planning on breaking it off with Tina, rehearses ways to go about doing it, but she beats him to it.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Orloff is attacked by Gregor Gregorovich of Blue Trinity, who plans to take Orloff and McGee to Russia. Wally arrives on the scene, but is ineffective at stopping Gregorovich in his powerless state. However, when Gregor calls his superiors and is told that his mission has been cancelled, he collapses.

Arriving at his apartment, Wally receives a call from Gilchrist asking for help. Savage and Bassaglia have kidnapped his daughter. Wally hangs up on him.


  • In the credits, a speed-related word is used instead of the normal title. Writer = Velocity, Penciller = Acceleration, Inker = Momentum, Letterer = Overdrive, Colorist = Afterburn, and Editor = Brakes.


  • No trivia.

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