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Synopsis for "Rat Race"

Pied Piper visits James Jesse in Chicago. When Jesse tells him that he no longer runs as the Trickster and is now a straight FBI agent, Piper and Jesse scuffle and Piper escapes.

Pied Piper recalls his past. He remembers being an ignored child with his parents frequently leaving each night and being raised by the nanny. He was originally thought to be dumb but was later realized he was near deaf. Piper recalls having surgery to replace two ear parts, cochlea and tympanic membranes, and received heightened senses. He fell in love with music of all genres, but couldn't compose his own. He recalls researching how instruments were made. He used these skills to create instruments with higher ranges and perfect reverb. Piper learned these instruments could also hypnotize people and felt like he finally had control for the first time in his life.

After running with the original Rogues, he changed his tune and went straight and Flash was the only one who stood up for him.

Flash calls Jesse trying to get a hold of Piper since he's now technically a free man. Jesse claims to have not seen Piper and and his partner in the room recommends they continue with "the project".

Heat Wave stops a robbery in Quad Cities. Piper meets up with him to discuss laying low. Suddenly Jesse James busts into the room claiming to have used a tracer on Piper to find him. They propose a proposition to the two of them.

Jesse speaks with Flash on the phone and again claims to have not seen Piper, but says he's doing everything he can to find him.

The room shakes and a gigantic beanstalk grows out of the ground.


  • This book was first published on September 25, 2002.
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