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"Blitz, Conclusion: The Final Race": The Flash and Zoom continue their furious battle until Zoom becomes haunted of visions of his own past and takes off to be left alone. At Keystone City General Hospital, [[Linda Park (New Earth)|Lind

Quote1 I was a man broken down — who gained these extraordinary powers to become free. You. You are the opposite. You were a free man who was given extraordinary powers – and now you must be broken down. Quote2
-- Zoom

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Synopsis for "Blitz, Conclusion: The Final Race"

The Flash and Zoom continue their furious battle until Zoom becomes haunted of visions of his own past and takes off to be left alone. At Keystone City General Hospital, Linda Park is in serious, but stable, condition. Jay Garrick theorizes that since Zoom used the Cosmic Treadmill and it blew up in his face, that perhaps he is not tapping into the Speed Force, but rather moving through time, controlling how quickly or slowly he travels forward through it. This would cause a strain on reality. Flash decides that he must face Zoom again to stop him from destroying our timeline.

The Flash finds Zoom in Kansas City where he confronted the Clown[1], and Zoom decides to take it up a notch. It’s time for Linda to die, unless Flash stops him. A “window” to the past pops-up in a ripple in the Timestream, and the Flash pushes Zoom in, putting him in suspended animation — allowing him to be locked away in Iron Heights. Wally sees a portal open in front of him of Linda and Himself announcing their pregnancy which will never happen now[2] and Wally realizes he still lost against Zoom.

Unfortunately, due to lending the Flash extra speed by reciting her mantra (3x2(9YZ)4A), Jesse Quick can no longer remember it. Impulse (New Earth) continues to train and join the New Titans.

Later, Wally goes to Valhalla Cemetery and is visited by Barry Allen (thanks to the Cosmic Treadmill) and Hal Jordan (aka The Spectre). Hal helps Wally fulfill a wish to make his identity secret again, and he erases everyone’s memory of the Flash’s identity. But when Hal is done, even Wally does not remember that he is the Flash.



  • Barry Allen’s tombstone is inscribed: “The Flash – Barry Allen – Savior of the World” and changes to: “The Flash – Identity Unknown – Savior of the World.”
  • Hal Jordan’s tombstone (statue) is inscribed: “Hal Jordan — In the End, His True Light Shined Through.”

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