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Flash Vol 2 209


Flash Vol 2 209

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"Fast Friends": After each Justice League member gives a brief explanation of why they feel they deserve an answer, Flash takes off as he's too pre-occupied about Linda Park. He thinks of three places

Quote1 For the first time in your life, Superman, you're wrong. Quote2
-- Wally West

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Synopsis for "Fast Friends"

After each Justice League member gives a brief explanation of why they feel they deserve an answer, Flash takes off as he's too pre-occupied about Linda Park. He thinks of three places she could possible be located.

As he travels to each location, Superman follows closely. Wally recalls being about the same speed as Superman until he got his confidence. Now he knows he's faster. The whole time Superman keeps toe-to-toe with him though as Superman keeps asking Flash to let him help him.

After giving up because she's not in any of the locations, Wally and Kal-El take up civilian garments and move rocks and discuss whether Wally should reveal his identity. Kal-El tells Wally that he feels like Lois Lane is safer now that they're married. Bad guys no longer go after her as Superman's girlfriend, but she's married to Clark Kent.

Wally reveals his identity to Superman and he regains all his memories. Wally decides it would be wrong to deprive Barry Allen's allies of the memories they had with him so he decides to tell allies his identity to restore their memories.

Later, Green Arrow tells Batman that Hal Jordan was only trying to help. Batman says maybe as he continues to be suspicious of why Hal did the memory wipe.[1]


  • This book was first published on April 28, 2004.
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