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Flash Vol 2 21


Flash Vol 2 21

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"Invaded Lives, Part One": Wally West, powerless and now even homeless, begs people on the street for quarters so he can call the Titans and figure out what is going on with the alien invasion. He is patched through instead to the [[Justice League International (New Ea

Quote1 Don't hang up! You don't know what I have to go through to get these quarters! Quote2
-- Wally West

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Synopsis for "Invaded Lives, Part One"

Wally West, powerless and now even homeless, begs people on the street for quarters so he can call the Titans and figure out what is going on with the alien invasion. He is patched through instead to the JLI headquarters, and finally gets in touch with Booster Gold.

Wally is reunited with his mother Mary and Chunk, and is then briefed by the military on the situation. He and Chunk are sent to investigate a Manhunter broadcast that arrived from Cuba, possibly from Wally's father Robert.

Their plane is shot down over Cuba, and after fighting a Durlan, they discover Fidel Castro hiding away in the jungle. He had been attacked and escaped Havana, and shapeshifting Durlans had taken over, masquerading themselves as Castro and his closest aides.

Rudy West arrives at Castro's camp and declares that the Manhunters are also fighting the Durlans. That night, it is revealed that one of Castro's sergeants is really a Durlan, as she attempts to kill Wally. This creates a brief panic in the camp as they realize anyone could be a Durlan.

Chunk and Wally investigate a nearby alien matter transporter, designed to transport materials to Cuba to making it a staging ground for an assault on North America. They report back to camp, where Wally devises a plan. He runs into Havana with Castro on his back, and replaces the Durlan who had been disguised as Castro with the real Castro in the middle of giving a speech. The real Castro subsequently tells all the Durlans to reveal their true forms, giving the Cuban people a chance to know who their enemies are and fight back.

The plan works, and Wally prepares to head back to the United States.


Manhunter Vol 1 8

Manhunter #8


  • Oberon gets angry at the Flash for snubbing an offer of membership into the Justice League. This happened in an earlier issue.[citation needed]

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