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Flash Vol 2 210


Flash Vol 2 210

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"Reconnected": Now that The Top is free, The Top pleads that he deserves to be in the Rogues because Captain Cold's sister loved him. Captain Cold tells him he's lost too many marbles no

Quote1 Everyone has one. That kid you grew up with who knows you as well as your own brother. Maybe better. And then somewhere along the way, something happened. Something pushed you both in different directions. Us? I got married. He didn't. Quote2
-- Wally West

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Synopsis for "Reconnected"

Now that The Top is free[1], The Top pleads that he deserves to be in the Rogues because Captain Cold's sister loved him. Captain Cold tells him he's lost too many marbles now that he's died and come back to life twice, and is furious he mentioned his deceased sister. He has Mirror Master throw him out via a mirror teleport portal. They ask Mirror Master if he's alright because his nose is bleeding. All the while the Top continues to mutter and he lands in an alley stating, "I know Heat Wave's secret... There's going to be such a war".

Wally recalls the time he was Kid Flash and his best friend, Robin, snuck him into the Batcave. Wally remembers meeting Batman for the first time.

Wally and Nightwing discuss with the Teen Titans his true identity. Impulse wants to talk with Wally but Wally says it will have to wait.

Wally heads back to work and is told to work on Ashley Zolomon's car, her breaks need to be fixed.

Ashley visits the stuck in time Professor Zoom. She feels guilty for not being there for him.

James Jesse is back in his original Trickster costume. He speaks with Heat Wave to head to Keystone City and retrieve Murmur. James says Mick is getting old and needs to be tested.

Double Down and Girder discuss their new boss Penguin who claims to have plans to run Keystone City's organized crime. Flash and Nightwing show up to knock them both out. Before Nightwing heads back to Gotham City now that he has what he came for, they want to check out the Flash Museum. Once inside, they're attacked by Gorilla Grodd.


  • This book was first published on May 26, 2004.
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