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Appearing in "Rogue War: Chapter 1"

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Synopsis for "Rogue War: Chapter 1"

In Chicago, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Toyman and Owen Harkness break into a F.B.I. facility to find that Captain Boomerang's body has been moved. They resolve to find the body so Owen can bury his father.

In Keystone City, Wally West, Linda Park, Mr. Wheeler and Reece Wheeler are at a hockey game.

Elsewhere, Ashley Zolomon is kidnapped by Pied Piper and taken to a secret facility. At the facility, Zolomon is told they have the technology to bring Captain Boomerang back to life long enough for her to talk to him and find out what he knows. She is the foremost expert on the Rogues and that is why she was brought to this place.

In New York, Jay Garrick is attacked by Professor Zoom.

In Central City, Heat Wave, Pied Piper, James Jesse and Frances Kane attack the Rogues in their lair.


  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback Flash: Rogue War.


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