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Flash Vol 2 221


Flash Vol 2 221

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"Rogue War, Chapter 2": Heat Wave recalls how the new Rogues came into the picture. He thinks about how they all joined because they've lost something, whether it be family or revenge.

Quote1 For years I've known 'em. Worked with 'em. Taught 'em. Now it's time to kill old friends. Quote2
-- Captain Cold

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Synopsis for "Rogue War, Chapter 2"

Heat Wave recalls how the new Rogues came into the picture. He thinks about how they all joined because they've lost something, whether it be family or revenge.

Captain Cold leads his team of old Rogues of Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Trickster, and Captain Boomerang Jr. as they face off against James Jesse, and his new Rogues consisting of Magenta, Heat Wave, and Pied Piper. When Cold and Heat Wave's guns connect with each other there is an explosion and Cold's crew escapes in the chaos. James yells at Heat Wave for being unable to control himself. Heat Wave thinks about how they work for the FBI now.

James Jesse orders Ashley Zolomon to probe Digger Harkness's brain again by electrocuting it to bring him back to life. He wants to know where Cold's Rogues armory is located.

Wally West hears about the explosion and becomes the Flash to investigate.

Cold's Rogues are ambushed by James' Rogues at their armory. Weather Wizard can control electric storms and reverse magnetic poles so he quickly disables Magenta. James interferes and shoots sticky gum on Weather Wizard's face. James has a slinky tied around his neck as Axel Walker drags him up a skyscraper. Owen tortures Rathaway and demands to know where his father is.

Flash zooms past Jared Morillo and Fred Chyre's police car who are all on their way to the scene of the explosion.

Heat Wave and Cold face off, and when Flash gets in between the two they both blast him.

The Top re-appears as he promised and says, "today is the day"


  • This book was first published on April 27, 2005.
  • This story is reprinted in the trade paperback The Flash: Rogue War.


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