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Flash Vol 2 97


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"Terminal Velocity, Mach Three: The Other Side of Light": Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Johnny Quick and Jesse Quick spend the afternoon

Quote1 The light speed effect … the accompanying transformation … that's what you've brushed up against, Wally. Now the lightning is calling you. Quote2
-- Max Mercury

Appearing in "Terminal Velocity, Mach Three: The Other Side of Light"

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Synopsis for "Terminal Velocity, Mach Three: The Other Side of Light"

Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Johnny Quick and Jesse Quick spend the afternoon training Impulse. As they run, Max tells Wally that he got his super speed from tribal shaman. After having a prolific career as a superhero in the 1800s, Max felt himself being pulled into the Speed Force. But he had a moment of hesitation, and was instead sent forward in the time stream. Max regrets missing out on heaven, and he tells Wally that the same thing is happening to him now.

The speedsters stop Chillblaine from robbing a bank, and the fight provides Impulse a chance to learn how to vibrate through objects. The heroes then check in with Pied Piper, who is investigating a backpack from one of Kobra's gunmen. Hartley found that the pack is a power receiver being charged from a nearby power plant, which Wally tries to find by running fast enough to see ultraviolet light. When he does this, Wally sees a giant power-net over the entire city.

Using this much power reminded Wally of his vision of the future, and he tells the others that he saw himself passing to the other side of the light while Kobra destroyed the city. Wally is now convinced that once he enters the Speed Force, he won't be able to return, so he chooses a successor to take the mantle of the Flash. Wally says Impulse isn't ready for the responsibility, so it belongs to Jesse Quick.


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