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Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance Vol 1 1


Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance Vol 1 1

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"Breaking News": The Atlanteans and Amazonians are at war.

Quote1 Sir, I'm the only person you've got in New Themyscira right now. I'm behind Amazonian lines. Use me. Give me something, or Jimmy died for nothing. Quote2
-- Lois Lane

Appearing in "Breaking News"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Hippolyta (Flashback only)
  • Ken (Single appearance)
  • Tasha Garrison (Single appearance)




Synopsis for "Breaking News"

The Atlanteans and Amazonians are at war. Lois and Jimmy are in Paris for Fashion Week when Aquaman floods Europe.

Jimmy is killed rescuing someone from the flood.

Lois is rescued by the Amazonians and taken to the UK, which has been taken over by the Amazonians and renamed New Themyscira. She is taken to a concentration camp.

Lois has Olsen's camera, and a hologram of Cyborg appears on it. Jimmy had been working as an operative, trying to make contact with the Resistance movement in the UK. Lois agrees to take this role on.

24 weeks pass by, the Amazons declare martial law, and recruit women to fight the Atlanteans, using a technological process to transform the recruits to Amzonian power levels. There is a high failure rate which transforms women into beasts that they use to train recruits with.

Week 32, Lois is scheduled for the procedure, she tries to escape but is caught. She is rescued by Penny Black, a member of the Resistance movement. As they run, Penny is shot through the shoulder with an arrow, the Amazonians catch up and it seems all is lost...


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