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Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Vol 1 1


Flashpoint: The World of Flashpoint Vol 1 1

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"This Is The World We Live In": Eight months ago, Traci Thirteen was living with her family in Paris. One morning, Traci's mother has a foreboding premonition at breakfast. She hugs her family and tells Traci to take care of her father.

Quote1 Where is optimism? Where is hope? Where are the heroes? Quote2
-- Traci 13

Appearing in "This Is The World We Live In"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Pre-Flashpoint Flashbacks
  • Nate Thirteen (Only appearance; dies)
  • Black Adam (Mentioned only)
  • Isis (Mentioned only) (Deceased)
  • Grodd (Mentioned only)
  • Morgana (Mentioned only)
  • Outsider (Mentioned only)




Synopsis for "This Is The World We Live In"

Eight months ago, Traci Thirteen was living with her family in Paris. One morning, Traci's mother has a foreboding premonition at breakfast. She hugs her family and tells Traci to take care of her father.

Less than a minute later, all of Europe is underwater. Traci managed to teleport her father to safety, but not her mother or brothers.

Today, a matured Traci is meditating in an underground base in Switzerland. She has recently been seeing flashes of another life where she solves mysteries with her father and she has a boyfriend in a suit of armor. But she reminds herself this is not the world she lives in.

Dr. Thirteen argues with her about using magic, so she teleports away to New York to visit Madame Xanadu. The two discuss the world, and how it became so thoroughly wrong. Madame Xanadu muses on the Justice Society during the Second World War, and how they could have been remembered forever, if only they has someone ... faster. She also mentions that a mysterious alien rocket destroyed much of Metropolis, and the war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman threatens the life of the entire planet. Xanadu encourages Traci to make peace with her father, and Traci promises to.

Teleporting back to the base, Traci finds a large computer awaiting a password. She inputs her mother's name, knowing her father loved her more than anything. The screen accepts this, and shows a master plan to use a satellite laser cannon to destroy Atlantis and the Amazon-occupied United Kingdom. Aghast, she hears a debate in the next room, as the world's regional representatives discuss whether to use HIVE's laser weapon. The weapon could destroy the Amazons and Atlanteans, but it would also kill millions of innocent people.

The world leaders each cast their vote, and Dr. Thirteen's is the deciding vote. He chooses to fire the weapon, but before he can, Traci bursts out of hiding and demands that the group not fire the weapon. When her father doesn't listen, she tries to stop them all herself. She battles and defeats Osiris, but Dr. Thirteen injects her with a serum, which knocks her out. He then activates the laser cannon.


  • This book was first published on June 1, 2011.
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