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Flora grew up in Maryville, Missouri with few friends. She discovered the Seminary, a school for future super-heroes, and applied, but was rejected. She shared her knowledge of the school with fellow townie, Mattie O'Connor, who likewise applied, but was accepted. Bitter that he was accepted and she wasn't, she said some harsh things to him before he left for school, but came to accept the situation by the time Punchy returned home from school for the summer. The two grew so close, in fact, that they had sex in the "baseball diamond", a lover's lane-type area in Maryville. Shortly thereafter, they were interrupted by two local redneck bullies, whom Flora terrified with an impressive display of her powers.


  • Chlorokinesis: Flora has the ability to create and manipulate plant-life.
  • Flora's flowers are a completely unique species of flower found nowhere else in the entire plant kingdom.
  • Flora's secret power is to understand the language of the wind in the trees.
  • When an eco-terrorist group approached Flora to use her likeness as their mascot, her response was "eat mulch and die."
  • Flora has dabbled in different degrees of vegetarianism.



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