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A highly-paid assassin, Floyd Lawton was hired by the Gotham City branch of the Russian mafia to deal with their "bat" problem. Deadshot traveled to Gotham City, leaving a trail of evidence to suggest his intended target was James Gordon, figuring this would lure Batman into the open. The bait was taken and Deadshot began a face-off with Batman on top of a speeding train. Relying on his guns to keep Batman at a distance, Deadshot held his own for time, even scoring hits on the Dark Knight with his wrist-mounted machine guns. Finally, Batman got in close enough to use hand to hand combat to disable the hitman, pushing his head near the wall of the tunnel. Deadshot, fearing for his life, revealed his employers and was promptly arrested.[1]


  • Marksmanship: A consummate sniper, Floyd is capable of hitting a target's vital points from miles away.



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