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Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 1


Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 1

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"Arkham War - Batman Death March": In the ongoing night of the forced eclipse, Bane arrived at Gotham City with an army. As they made landfall, he infiltrated Blackgate Penitentiary via the sewers. As the city's power had been cut off for some time, the entrance wa

Quote1 There is no power left ... but me. There is no authority left ... but me. There is no hope left ... but me. There is no Batman. There is no Justice League. There is only Bane. Quote2
-- Bane

Appearing in "Arkham War - Batman Death March"

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  • Gotham City Inner Harbor



Synopsis for "Arkham War - Batman Death March"

In the ongoing night of the forced eclipse, Bane arrived at Gotham City with an army. As they made landfall, he infiltrated Blackgate Penitentiary via the sewers. As the city's power had been cut off for some time, the entrance was no longer electrified, and without much effort Bane and his army took control of the prison, only hours after the prison had suffered a massive breakout. Now, the interim warden hasn't been heard from in hours, and Police Commissioner Jim Gordon doesn't expect he will ever hear from her again - and his prospects of regaining the city from the Arkham Asylum escapees who have carved out their territories are low.

At Gotham Memorial Hospital, a patient struggles to outrace the pursuit of Professor Pyg after having undergone an unorthodox surgery. He had come into the hospital with a broken hand - troubling for a concert violinist - and the Professor had resoled it by switching out his arm for a leg. The whole scenario disgusts the Scarecrow, not because of Professor Pyg's actions so much as the way he has treated his sector of the city since he gained control. Regardless, Scarecrow has come to warn of Bane's arrival and to recruit in the war against him and those coming from Blackgate. While Pyg knows of the threat, he is also wary of joining an effort under the Scarecrow's banner when it was agreed that the Arkhamites would split the city evenly. Sternly, Scarecrow explains that their differences can be settled after they fight back Bane and his machinations for Gotham. In the meantime, a war will mean bodies - and Professor Pyg can perform whatever cruel surgeries on the wounded that he sees fit.

After defeating all of those who would challenge his authority at Blackgate, Bane orders that the interim warden and her lackeys be brought before him so that he can learn what secrets the prison has to unlock. Immediately, interim warden Agatha Zorbatos insists that Bane take her and allow her guards to go free. Bane takes this to mean that he should kill them unless they tell him the prison's secrets. With an example made, the remaining guards lead him down into the depths of the prison, warning that whatever lies below is more dangerous than any of the weapons in their armoury. Investigating, Bane discovers that the captured Talons from the Court of Owls' attacks have been kept within Blackgate under cryogenic refrigeration. Eagerly, he hopes to recruit them to his purposes: crushing the hold that the Arkham inmates currently have on the city.

Elsewhere, at the Iceberg Casino, The Penguin warns that the Scarecrow's little walkabouts are making the other leaders nervous, and nervous psychopaths are not easy to control. Annoyed, the Scarecrow reminds that the threat Bane poses is real. Penguin responds that when he gave the inmates land to control, he expected them to defend it. If they are not strong enough to do so, they did not deserve to be given it. However, he has already devised a way to win - and it may mean breaking a few eggs to make the omelette.

Meanwhile, Professor Pyg is surprised to find Bane in his hospital, declaring that what he thought was his now belongs to Bane, and that he should act as messenger to the other leaders that the same is true for them. Across the city, Bane's army begins to win territory from the Arkham Asylum escapees.


  • This book was first published on October 9, 2013.
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