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Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 3


Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 3

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"Arkham War: Das Bat!": In the wake of the Crime Syndicate's attack on the Justice Leagues, Gotham City has been overrun by mercenaries who have made themselves a corrupt and violent police force. This is merely backdrop, though, to the ongoing battle betwee

Quote1 In fact, since last we spoke yesterday, I've met with some of Arkham's finest and the same words have passed all their lips: Bane is no Batman. So, let me impart a simple truth for you to digest my imposing ally. No matter how many killers and tough guys you've brought with you from Santa Prisca, the crazies of Arkham have lived through worse. Quote2
-- Mayor Penguin

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Synopsis for "Arkham War: Das Bat!"

In the wake of the Crime Syndicate's attack on the Justice Leagues, Gotham City has been overrun by mercenaries who have made themselves a corrupt and violent police force. This is merely backdrop, though, to the ongoing battle between the two most powerful criminal elements in the city: the inmates of Arkham Asylum versus those of Blackgate Penitentiary. Unfortunately for the former, the latter have found a powerful leader in the Santa Priscan warlord Bane.

In order to get an edge over him, the Arkhamites have stolen the Court of Owls' Talons - his secret weapons - from him. Unfortunately, they lost one in the process of their kidnapping. Even so, Mister Freeze is reluctant to bring the assassins back to life, knowing that they are of dubious origin, but with death at the hands of Bane a legitimate threat, they cannot go without the advantage.

Among Bane's followers is Ignatius Ogilvy, who once usurped the Penguin's empire. As Bane intends to strike a bargain with the Penguin, who remains neutral in the war, he turns on his own man, and brings Ogilvy in to the self-declared mayor's office, so that Penguin can have vengeance. In exchange, Bane wants back the Talons. Penguin reveals that Scarecrow, who engineered the kidnapping, will soon be back at Wayne Tower, and he is not afraid of Bane. In fact, many of the Arkhamites are not. As such, Bane should be wary of the fact that they think him no Batman. In response, Bane returns to Blackgate, pushing past his allies and underlings to the prison's workshop, where he builds himself a Batsuit. Donning it, he enters the night, and cries out that the Batman lives.

Killer Croc, meanwhile, has led his band of sewer-dwellers up into Wayne Tower, promising that if they wish it, he will lead them to victory over both of the warring factions as their king. The people cheer, but their cheering is silenced by Bane, crashing through the glass windows. Brutally, they beat each other until, at last, Bane summons the strength to raise his victim over his head, and throw him from the tower.

Assuming that Croc is dead, Bane subjugates the creature's followers and prepares for his mission to take back the Talons.


  • This book was first published on December 11, 2013.
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