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Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 4


Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 4

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"Arkham War: Empire of the Bat": Finally in possession of a Talon, Bane first wakes William Cobb. The former assassin for the Court of Owls is not unfamiliar with Bane's name, and so Bane is pleased to offer him a chance to join him i

Quote1 To know thine enemy, you must become thine enemy. Quote2
-- Bane

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Synopsis for "Arkham War: Empire of the Bat"

Finally in possession of a Talon, Bane first wakes William Cobb. The former assassin for the Court of Owls is not unfamiliar with Bane's name, and so Bane is pleased to offer him a chance to join him in making a Gotham City-gone-wrong right. While Blackgate is his, the Arkham Asylum inmates have carved out the rest of Gotham into fiefdoms, and they have also taken the remaining Talons. Cobb wants them freed - and that desire allies with Bane's own.

Meanwhile, the Arkhamites are split between infighting amongst themselves, and against the escaped Blackgate prisoners loyal to Bane. It is into this fray that Bane unleashes Cobb, who begins cutting and slicing his way through the inmates, explaining that Amadeus Arkham's asylum was always a bad idea in the eyes of the Court of Owls. Lunacy cannot be rehabilitated - only extinguished.

In the meantime, Bane has found what he came for, and calls Cobb away to do continue his plan. The pair intervene - with extreme force - as a thug tries to steal bread from a young scavenger, declaring themselves saviours and promising protection. Everyone who seeks aid will find it at Bane Tower, which will be a safe-haven from Arkham's insanity until he is finished crushing it. Until then, though, they will be trained to guard Gotham for themselves, so that they never scream in fear again.

Cobb points out that if Bane intends to save the city in order to rule it, the Court will come for him. Bane explains that his plan is first to get the location of the Scarecrow from the captive Mr. Zsasz, and thereby the location of the Talons. Once he has gained control of the city, he will willingly relinquish it to the Court, and in return, they must give him a battalion of Venom-boosted Talons of his own. And from there, he will take the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, Scarecrow and his men are nearly finished preparing the Talons to become mind-controlled soldiers for their cause. When that preparation is complete, their first act will be to point them at Bane.


  • This book was first published on January 8, 2014.
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