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Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 5


Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 5

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"Arkham War: Evolution": After rescuing Agatha Zorbatos from Blackgate Penitentiary, Jim Gordon hurries her men into boats on the island's shore to get them back to the city. Unfortunately, Gotham City's East Side is at war

Quote1 Always the same. Crazy to the left. Undisciplined to the right. That's why I made sure this time was different. This time I was a general. And as I've learned, a good general always has a fallback plan. Quote2
-- Scarecrow

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Synopsis for "Arkham War: Evolution"

After rescuing Agatha Zorbatos from Blackgate Penitentiary, Jim Gordon hurries her men into boats on the island's shore to get them back to the city. Unfortunately, Gotham City's East Side is at war, as the Arkhamites' Talons are embattled with the escaped Blackgate inmates.

Bane had sought to use them himself, but the only one he could get his hands on was William Cobb. Now, having donned the cowl of the Batman, Bane and Cobb are willing to sacrifice anyone to win control of the city. This means letting his own men be used as cannon fodder while Bane faces the Talons one man to many. However, he and Cobb had prepared for this fight. While Bane fights the Talons, Cobb climbs onto the roof of a nearby building and drops a helicopter's propeller blade down from a pair of swinging chains, slicing the Talons in two, as Bane ducks safely beneath it. This causes the Talons' regenerative abilities to kick in, effectively removing the mind control that had allowed the Arkhamites to take advantage, and uniting them under Bane's rule.

Meanwhile, the Scarecrow waits at Arkham Asylum, realizing that the time has long passed since his plan was expected to work, and it would wear away the goodwill of his allies if it failed. In that case, infighting between them would surely lead to the Arkhamites' fall, and Bane's success. Fortunately, so much was riding on the plan that he concocted a contingency plan. He has produced a quantity of Bane's own Venom, and if each of the Arkham inmates consumes it, they too will be strong and violent as Bane - and that may be all they need to defeat him. Without the other inmates' consent, he gasses them with the venom, and warns that they will have little time to effect his plan to kill Bane.


  • This book was first published on February 5, 2014.
  • The creator credits list Andrew Dalhouse as a cover artist but the cover is signed by Pete Pantazis.


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