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Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 6


Forever Evil: Arkham War Vol 1 6

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"Arkham War: World War Gotham": Though wounded from his most recent battle, Bane believes himself a better Batman than Bruce Wayne himself, but must acknowledge that - like him - he is not invincible. Fighting through his pain, he clings to th

Quote1 The agents of madness that haunt the walking moments of Gotham are gone. I succeed where the pathetic Bat has always failed. Quote2
-- Bane

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Synopsis for "Arkham War: World War Gotham"

Though wounded from his most recent battle, Bane believes himself a better Batman than Bruce Wayne himself, but must acknowledge that - like him - he is not invincible. Fighting through his pain, he clings to the dream of a kingdom of his own as he cauterizes his wounds, and somewhere in that hope, he will find the strength to be ready for what comes next.

Elsewhere, William Cobb inspects the haul of Talons he and Bane liberated, and determines that they are healing, slowly. Bane has placed his trust in Cobb to handle this next part of their plan. Once the Talons have regenerated fully, his sites will be set on the world beyond Gotham City.

The Arkhamites, meanwhile, are eager to take control of Gotham back from Bane and the Blackgate prisoners, and they're well equipped to do so, having each been dosed with Bane's own Venom formula. The combination of insanity and chemically-enhanced strength is a dangerous one for the Talons, and Bane - recovered somewhat - demands to know how Scarecrow got the Venom. Grinning, Crane responds that they got it from a blood-sample they collected. He explains that, as much as Bane considers himself a master tactician, he failed to recognize a simple snatch'n'grab. Suddenly, Man-Bat swoops down and carries Bane into the sky.

The creature drops Bane off at the gates of Arkham Asylum, where Scarecrow arrives in a helicopter, to explain that Bane had underestimated the Arkhamites. It takes more to be the Batman than a costume - and because of his folly, he will die in the shadow of Arkham. Bane responds that it also takes more than Venom to become like him. Secondly, they will have to kill him before their Venom dosage wears off, if they want to see him die there.

He battles them all until they begin to feel the last vestiges of the Venom and their hope draining from their bodies. Seeing Bane's victory, The Penguin offers a slow-clap, explaining that he knew the Arkhamites were bound to fall, and has brought Bane a gift of food and weapons. In exchange, he wants only a bargain. He will be given the Arkhamites to do as he wills, and in return, he will offer Bane his logistical help and experience. Bane responds that Cobblepot may have all of the Arkhamites but one, and Penguin must ensure that he never sees the rest again.

Soon, Bane's control of Gotham is absolute, and though he has driven the pathetic captors of Gotham's citizens away, their need for protection is intoxicating. He has changed his mind, and will stay in Gotham, with the added power of the Talons behind him. There will be time for conquering later. For now, he will relish his prize: A Gotham that belongs to him, and the pleasure of torturing the Scarecrow.


  • This book was first published on March 5, 2014.
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