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Fortress Lad

Fortress Lad (Unknown)
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Fortress Lad
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Fortress Lad was a rejected Legionnaire applicant, he had the power to tranform his body into a frotress like structure.

A fellow appilicant Mnemonic Kid, who was angry that she had been rejected, she plotted her revenge by wiping parts of the Legionnaire's memories. Fortress Lad and Mnemonic kid met after their rejections and she was keen to have her revenge. Fortress Lad, however, was shocked by her malice and refused an alliance. When Mnemonic Kid tried to shoot the Legionnaires, Fortress Lad jumped in front of them, activated his powers, and surrounded them with his massive frame. Mnemonic Kid kept pouring on her memory powers, hoping she would reach the Legionnaires inside.

Instead, her energies made Fortress Lad forget that he was anything but an inanimate structure. Mnemonic Kid tried one last time to kill the Legionnaires with a grenade, but caught the brunt of the explosion herself, and died. Sadly, Mnemonic Kid had succeeded in removing some of the Legion's memories, too, and they forgot about Fortress Lad, who then became the Legion's first headquarters.



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