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Quote1 This is the one place where I can relax and work undisturbed! No one suspects its existence, and no one can penetrate the solid rock out of which it is hewn! Quote2

Fortress of Solitude (Earth-One)

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The Fortress of Solitude was an immense compound housed within the interior of a mountain range in an isolated region of the Arctic. This was the private sanctuary of the super-hero known as Superman. When constructing the Fortress, Superman took special precautions to insure that only he could ever enter the sprawling edifice. Access to the Fortress was granted by way of a giant, metal arrow-shaped key.

The key itself was located on the peak of a hillock several miles away. Only a person possessing superhuman strength would be strong enough to lift the key. They would then require a means of transporting it across the windy tundra, and hefting it up into the giant-sized keyhole at the front door of the Fortress. This version of the Fortress of Solitude ceased to exist along with the rest of Earth-One during the event known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Rooms in the Fortress of Solitude

  • Vestibule: The foyer chamber of the Fortress contained a giant statue memorializing Superman's birth parents, Jor-El and Lara. The two renowned Kryptonians were poised holding onto an effigy of Superman’s destroyed home world of Krypton.
  • Armory: Superman maintains a hidden armory vault inside of the Fortress. In the vault are various weapons and firearms confiscated from alien cultures on past missions.
  • Batman room: This was a privately locked chamber containing various souvenirs acquired during his many adventures with his good friend, the Batman. Many of the souvenirs contained within the Batman room were similar to that found in Batman’s own sanctuary, the Batcave. The room also contained a life-size statue of Batman.
  • Clark Kent room: This was a privately locked chamber in honor of Clark Kent. The room bore no true functionality, and existed merely as a means of posterity. Should an intruder ever gain access to the Fortress, this room served as a red herring to convince others that Superman and Clark Kent were indeed two separate people.
  • Crime-lab: Superman maintained his own highly advanced forensics laboratory equipped with various computerized devices including a lightning fingerprint classifier, an electronic clue analysis machine, and a crime probability detector. A monitoring station was likewise in place, enabling Superman to keep abreast of events taking place across the globe. The crime-lab also featured several lead-lined vaults, where Superman would experiment on samples of Kryptonite in the hopes of finding a way to reverse the minerals lethal effects.
  • Hangar: A special hangar bay exists containing a vertical shaft, which leads directly through the upper levels of the Fortress to the top of the mountain. Inside the hangar, Superman maintains a mid-sized space ship and the Supermobile.
  • Hobby-room: When Superman needed to relax, he retired to his hobby room, where he enjoyed creating paintings and sculptures using his heat vision in place of a brush or cutting knife. He also enjoyed playing chess with robot servants on a giant man-sized chessboard. The individual game pieces could only be moved with someone of super-strength.
  • Jimmy Olsen room: This was a privately locked chamber containing various souvenirs pertaining to Jimmy Olsen. Superman used this room as a miniature workshop to personally construct a hand-made racing car specifically for Jimmy Olsen. The room also contained a life-size statue of Jimmy Olsen.
  • Krypto's chamber: Although Krypto preferred the seclusion of his own private Doghouse of Solitude, Superman maintained a secondary resting place for the pooch-of-steel inside the Fortress.
  • Lois Lane room: This was a privately locked chamber containing various souvenirs pertaining to Lois Lane. Superman included several legacy gifts that were to be given to Lois in the event that Superman should ever die. The room also contained a life-size statue of Lois Lane.
  • Trophy room: One of the larger sections of the Fortress, this room contained various trophies and souvenirs from Superman’s terrestrial and off world adventures. Each item in the trophy room boasted a placard indicating the name or case file germane to the adventure in question. A private hall within the trophy room contains lead lined-statues of members of Superman's Kryptonian family.
  • Zoo: Superman maintained an elaborate game preserve filled with various interplanetary animals. Many of the animals found in the zoo were either representatives of an endangered species, or the last surviving specimens of destroyed worlds. As Superman's own home world was destroyed, he shared a special bond with these creatures. Occasionally, some of the animals would escape from the zoo, but Superman always labored to keep them healthy and secure.

Items found within the Fortress of Solitude

  • Duplicator Ray: Superman maintains a Duplicator Ray in a secure vault inside the Fortress. On occasion, this device is used for the reproduction of Bizarros.
  • Kandor: Superman maintained the shrunken, bottled city of Kandor in a special chamber at the Fortress.
  • Phantom Zone Projector: Superman owned a Phantom Zone Projector similar to that invented by his later father, Jor-El. He routinely used the device to banish renegade Kryptonians back into the Phantom Zone.
  • Superman robots: Superman maintained a storehouse filled with robotic automatons in his likeness. He would frequently employ these artificial duplicates to respond to emergencies on Earth were he ever off planet or otherwise incapacitated.
  • Supermobile: On the rare occasion when Superman is unable to use his flight capabilities, he will rely upon the use of the Supermobile.



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