"Undersea Trap!": This story is reprinted from Wonder Woman #101.

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Synopsis for "Undersea Trap!"

This story is reprinted from Wonder Woman #101.

At the Easter Air Races, the press interviews Colonel Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman. They ask the couple when they will be married, Steve tells them he's ready whenever Wonder Woman finishes her crusade to fight evil. When Steve enters the race to see who can fly around a number of pylons the fastest, disaster seems imminent when a lightning strike causes one of the pylons to catch fire. Realizing Steve isn't trying to avoid disaster, Wonder Woman uses her super-strength to shake out the flames, although she doesn't entirely succeed Steve still avoids disaster and wins the race.

When meeting with the press again, Wonder Woman points out that Steve Trevor is still a capable pilot and doesn't need her constant help. Steve decides to refute this and offers her a challenge: If she has to save him three times in one day she has to promise to marry him. She agrees and that's when Steve drops quite the bomb shell on her: That he is going to spend the next day testing a number of experimental planes and that he'll probably need her to rescue him at least 30 times. Wonder Woman is furious that Steve omitted this information before she accepted the challenge but agrees to carry on anyway. However the wind is taken out of Steve's sails when General Darnell tells Steve that he's been on too many flights and he is going to have to sit the next day out.

However, disaster still seems to follow Steve Trevor wherever he goes. While out enjoying the sun he is almost crushed by an incoming rocket, prompting Wonder Woman to doff her civilian guise and save him. Realizing what's happened, Steve warns her that she only has to save him two more times for her to be bound to her word to marry him.

While they are on a date at the local dance hall, a bunch of crooks show up to rob the place. When Steve tries to stop them they shoot at him, forcing Wonder Woman to toss her tiara to deflect the bullets and disarm the crooks. Later when the clock tolls 5 pm, Steve tells Wonder Woman there is only a single hour left in the day. Sure enough, almost an hour later, Steve is testing a plane which suddenly loses control and crashes into the ocean.

Wonder Woman goes to his rescue, fighting off an attacking shark and bringing Steve to shore, when he tries to get her to honor their bet, his hopes at marriage are deflated when he hears a nearby clock tower toll it's bells signifying that it is 6:15, and Wonder Woman narrowly avoided being forced to marry Steve by fifteen whole minutes.

Appearing in "Superboy in Argo City"

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Synopsis for "Superboy in Argo City"

This story is reprinted from Action Comics #358.

Years ago, Superboy was accidentally struck and knocked unconscious by a mining probe of Zor-El's from Argo City, while he was shaping a jewel from a diamond meteoroid. The probe took the amnesiac Superboy to Argo City, where he met and became friends with young Kara, and her parents Zor-El and Allura. However, when Argo City's crossing into space territory inhabited by an alien race is interpreted as aggression, a member of that race demands one of their lives in sacrifice for the "crime". Superboy quickly offers himself, and is taken away from Argo City, despite the protests from the family of Zor-El. To forego interference from the Argonians, the alien cleanses their memories of Superboy's existence. Once within range of a yellow star, though, Superboy recovers his powers and memory--though he does not remember anything of his visit to Argo City--and breaks free and eludes the alien. Years later, Supergirl shows the jewel she got from Superboy to Superman. Superman remembers carving it from an asteroid years ago, but neither can figure out how it got in Argo City.

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Synopsis for "Power Battery Peril!"

This story is reprinted from Green Lantern (Volume 2) #32.

While charging his power ring, Green Lantern is suddenly sucked into it and transported to a world where it's heroes (Energiman, Golden Blade, Strong Girl, and Magicko) have been captured by the tyrant Vant Orl. Green Lantern uses his power ring to fight off Vant Orl's various weapons and free's that worlds heroes. Imprisoning Vant Orl, Green Lantern is thanked by that worlds heroes before he returned home to tell Pieface about his adventure.


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