Fred Akely AKA Ricky Rubberneck AKA Faceache was a young boy who possessed the natural ability to warp his face into any shape he desired, a process he referred to as 'scrunching' or 'scrunging'. As time went on, his powere seem to have developed to the point where he could shapeshift his entire body, often assuming the forms of strange, seemingly extraterrestrial creatures. Faceache used these abilities for purely selfish, though generally fairly benign, purposes.

At some point, Fred and his similarly gifted girlfriend Martina were rounded up by the British Government along with a number of other powered or otherwise unusual individuals based in Britain and placed in a secure holding facility in Scotland, apparently without trial. They were kept separate from each other, though Fred was considered to be not a security risk and consequently given a degree of freedom within the prison. He used this freedom to help the Spider escape from his cell before he and Martina eventually left the prison in a mass breakout.


Shape Shifting

Faceache (originally 'Ricky Rubberneck') was a character originally created by Ken Reid for the short lived IPC humor comic 'Jet' issue #1 on May 1st 1971. He then appeared in the anthology title 'Buster' until October 1988; Reid drew the strip until his death in early 1987, Frank McDiarmid then taking over for the remainder of the run. His real name was never revealed in his original British originated appearances.