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Freedom Fighters Vol 1 8


Freedom Fighters Vol 1 8

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"D-Day at Niagara!": The Crusaders were originally a fictional team of superheroes appearing in Earth-One comic books during World War II.

Appearing in "D-Day at Niagara!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • DA Pearson




Synopsis for "D-Day at Niagara!"

The Crusaders were originally a fictional team of superheroes appearing in Earth-One comic books during World War II.

The Crusaders then appeared "for real" on Earth-One during the 1970's, offering their services to New York City District Attorney David Pearson to help capture the Freedom Fighters, who were at that time fugitives because they were believed to have been working with the villainous Silver Ghost. Pearson gave the Crusaders the authority to pursue Uncle Sam and his group after a report that they had caused a blackout in upstate New York.


  • The Americommando featured here is not to be confused with Mister America's alter ego, also called the Americommando.
  • The Crusaders is the name used by two teams of superheroes, one group appearing in DC Comics and the other in Marvel Comics, at around the same time as part of an informal crossover. The DC Comics team was created by Bob Rozakis and Dick Ayers in the pages of Freedom Fighters #7 Mar-April (1977). The Marvel Comics version of the Crusaders first appeared in Invaders #14, written by Roy Thomas and drawn by Frank Robbins.
  • The names of the DC team are actually taken from relatively obscure Golden Age DC Superheroes. The characters have counterparts in Marvel's Invaders:
The Americommando - (based on Captain America, actually the Silver Ghost)
Barracuda - (based on Namor)
Fireball - (based on the Human Torch)
Rusty - (based on Bucky)
Sparky - (based on Toro)


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