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Francis Flashman
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Entrepreneur, Con Man, Used Car Salesman

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Little is known about the huckster known as Funky Flashman before his employment for a man called "Colonel Mockingbird." At his employer's death, Flashman assumed control of his decaying estate and lived in relative comfort until his former-employee's resources were depleted.

Seeking new sources of income, Flashman offered his management skills to the escape artist Mister Miracle. Robbing his employee of Apokoliptian technology was his undoing when its signals led the Female Furies, who were hunting Miracle, to Flashman's estate which they destroyed.

Flashman would later ally himself with the Secret Society of Super-Villains as their public relations officer, a relationship also doomed to failure. Flashman was eventually reduced to petty-ante scams, but is always looking towards the next big score.

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