Gabriel "Gabe" Sullivan is the father of Chloe Sullivan. He worked as the plant manager at LuthorCorp's Smallville fertilizer plant for many years. He is very proud of his daughter, and he talked about her all the time at work.

In season one Gabe led Chloe's class on a field trip through the plant, embarrassing her with his corny jokes. During the field trip, everyone was taken hostage by Earl Jenkins, suffering from meteor rock poisoning. He reported Chloe missing and led the search parties when she was kidnapped. He was there to greet Lionel Luthor the day he arrived at the plant to announce that it was closing.

In season two he went in with Lex Luthor on the employee buyout, and he invited Lana Lang to live with Chloe and him until she graduates from high school.

In season three Lionel promoted him when Chloe started providing Lionel with information about Clark Kent, and he bought a new house in Brat Flats. But Lionel ordered Lex to fire him when Chloe refused to continue spying on Clark. Lionel went further of course and made it nearly impossible for him to get another job. When Chloe decided to testify against Lionel Luthor, he entered protective custody with her. Their safe house was blown up moments after they entered.

In season four Gabe and Chloe were both lead through a tunnel before the blast. It is later revealed that the explosion was staged by Lex to fake Chloe's death to protect her from Lionel.

  • Gabe Sullivan was played by Robert Wisden.
  • After the season four episode "Gone", Gabe Sullivan was never seen or mentioned again. He also didn't show up at Chloe and Jimmy's wedding in season eight.
  • Gabe Sullivan appears in a deleted scene in the Pilot episode. Gabe met Lex when he came down to the plant with orders by Lionel to fire some employees. To Gabe's surprise, Lex had no intention of firing the employees, and planned to find other cost saving methods.



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