Galahad was once a patient of a mental hospital,in Star City but when the events of Cry For Justice lead to the destruction of a large portion of the city, the hospital collapsed and Galahad was left wandering the rubble. After the devastation of the hospital and surrounding area Galahad saved many lives of those trapped in the remnants of the buildings and freed as many people as he could before moving on. Believing himself to be the Galahad of King Arthur's round table and feeling that his time in the hospital had only served to cloud his mind further he then left the area to explore his newfound freedom and regain his mind.

After the events of Blackest Night what was once a place of great destruction became a lush, mysterious forest. Galahad wandered this forest learning its secrets, one of which was its healing ability of both body and mind. As he wandered the forest he found Green Arrow mortally wounded having been struck in the head by an arrow. Galahad fought off a number of wild dogs who were ready to consume the wounded Green Arrow using his skills with his sword. He then saved Green Arrow's life by bathing his near dead body in the waters of the forest which healed the wounds of Green Arrow and allowed him to live on. The pair then set off together to discover more about the strange forest which they both now called home when they witnessed the forest age a full year in a flash of brilliant white light.