Gar-El arrives on earth in 1768 in a Kryptonian Rocket and stops the attempted rape and robbery of his future wife Eliza Albion. At first, his arrival is ill-received and he is proclaimed a witch, but he flies into the King of England's court to tell them that he only wants to help the British Empire expand. He presumably gains great influence, and in 1776, he picks up independence hall and flies the United States' founders to the Gallows. Gar eventually becomes The ruler of England and the world. He sires and grand-sires nine generations of Human-Kryptonian Hybrids, and ends up hanging his Grandson nine times removed Jor-El for treason. Jor-El's son Kal-El eventually approaches Gar to ask why Gar rules in such a cold fashion, and why he is content to let the people of his world live in fear of him. Gar warns Kal that thinking like this may be his undoing, as it was his father's. A year passes, and Gar is again approached by Kal-El, who barricades Gar in his chamber to talk about Krypton, and how he has forced its legacy onto another planet. Just as Gar begins to see the error of his ways, Royal soldiers shoot Kal-El, causing Gar to incinerate some of them. The remaining soldiers search Kal's corpse to find some Kryptonite that he had brought with him. Gar considers this to be a great act, as rather than kill him, Kal saw fit to try and reason with him. Gar then flies away from earth forever and buries Kal-El in earth's sun.



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