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Gemma was born and raised in Liverpool, England in the 1980s. When Gemma was ten-years-old, her parents Tony and Cheryl converted to the puritanical faith of Elder Martin and his Resurrection Crusaders. As missionaries, the Masters sold Pyramid prayer books to the locals of Merseyside. Gemma grew frustrated with her parents' strange behavior and ran away from home. She found three girls, only a few years older than she, who professed to be the Brides of "The Man". The Man was in fact an agent of the Damnation Army. The girls took Gemma in, and brainwashed her into becoming The Man's newest bride. Gemma's uncle John Constantine learned that his niece had disappeared and worked with a young woman named Zed to track her down. They discovered the Man's wedding chapel, and John rescued Gemma before she could come to any harm.


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