Gen'ma was a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the early 31st Century. He operated in Sector 2814 with his partner Jordana Gardner (though she thought of him as more of a sidekick). Gen'ma was one of dozens of Green Lanterns to fall prey to the influence of Starro the Conqueror. Under Starro's control, the Green Lantern Corps invaded New Metropolis and fought with the Legion of Super-Heroes. After tussling with Timber Wolf, Gen'ma then encountered Sun Boy who used his powers to free Gen'ma from Starro's control.




Oath unknown.

  • Gen'ma resembles a common Earth panda bear (or possibly, as the name would suggest, Genma Saotome from the manga "Ranma 1/2", a martial arts master cursed to take the form of a panda).



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