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In the Wildstorm Universe, a Gen-Active is an individual in whom the Gen-Factor is activated, allowing them access to super powers much like the Meta-Gene.

The Gen-factor was discovered by Dr. Simon Tsung of Project Genesis while examining the body of Ethan McCain. After Tsung left the project, his protege Gabriel Newman continued his research. Early experiments to activate the factor in humans failed, until "Gen 12", the strike force known as Team 7.

International Operations leader Miles Craven had Kaizen Gamorra create a synthesized version of the Gen-factor, which made its way to the black market. Anyone who could afford it (and survived the process) could activate the Gen-factor.

Project: Genesis was restarted well over a decade later, and this time, Craven chose to experiment on the Gen 12, expecting a better genetic compatability with the treatment. These children were known as Gen 13.

Known Gen-Actives

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Average Strength level



None known.

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