Hardcastle was an alien hating member of the United States Military, who was involved with several big name projects, including the Z-8 Combat drones, the original predecessors to Zeta. When Darkseid attacked Earth, having mind controlled Superman, into thinking he was actually the adopted son of Darkseid, Hardcastle was among the soldiers who defended the planet. One of his shots actually hospitalized Supergirl.

After this event, Hardcastle retired and tried to fade into obscurity. However years later Supergirl, Question, and Green Arrow actively sought out Hardcastle after a series of Z-8 robots attacked the trio when they were looking into Supergirl's bizarre assortment of nightmares. Reluctantly, Hardcastle told them what he knew. For years, long before the Justice League was first formed, an organization was formed to keep an eye out for the heroes, should they turn rouge. Among their work included Volcana and the original Royal Flush Gang. After their interrogation, Hardcastle is killed by Galatea as a means of tying up loose ends.




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